If you did not take pictures while you were there, did you really travel? In this age of instant uploads to social media, it is helpful to have a high-quality camera that can capture all the best moments in life. However, cameras can be heavy and non-portable. Despite the improvements in cellular phone technology, the speed, accuracy and post-editing capacity of pictures taken with a camera cannot be beat. Therefore, the compact and durable design of Sony’s α5000 interchangeable lens digital camera is a must have addition to your travel plans.


Camera Features

  • Amazing Sensitivity

The camera is made with the Exmor® APS HD CMOS sensor, powered by the BIONZ X™ image processing engine to produce sensitive, dynamic and detailed images with the fastest rendering speed Sony can offer. In fact, Sony is the world’s leader in image sensor manufacturers. Therefore, you can trust that the α5000’s image sensitivity is the best in the industry. With ISO 100-16000 capability, this camera allows you to take pictures in dim light, without using flash – ideal for those spontaneous evenings exploring exciting new places.

  • Make a Movie Moment

There are some moments that should not be frozen in time – some moments must be captured in their entirety. That is why the α5000 allows you to press the MOVIE button to easily record HD movies in AVCHD format. The settings can be manipulated to capture the fast-moving action in truly smooth 1080/60i, or a cinematic feel in 24p.

  • Seamless Selfies

When you take a picture, you need to know what you are capturing. The 7.62 cm (3 in) LCD screen has a 180° range. Therefore, you will be able to capture the perfect selfie in front of the historic monument you were bragged about visiting. The LCD screen can flip up and allow you to see what your camera is about capture. You will never again miss the opportunity to coordinate a beautiful group portrait.

  • Flawless Skin

To further improve your portrait skills, the camera comes with the Soft Skin Effect. Who needs to learn how to edit when your camera takes the flawless pictures for you? This effect automatically reduces wrinkles and dullness. You can be assured that you look amazing in each of your travel pictures.

  • Frame Ready Pictures

The α5000 is also an intelligent camera that detects faces and smiles to create a clear focus. You can be certain that the perfect moment is captured every time that you click. The powerful sensor also works with the auto object framing capability to create a picture that is automatically cropped to enhance aesthetic appeal.

The α5000 by Sony is a dream to carry with a solid grip that fits comfortably and an accessible zoom lever. All the functions allow selfies, portraits and landscapes to be captured at a moment’s notice in the highest quality. With the ability to download apps directly to the camera, you can improve your pictures with multiple exposures. Time lapse functions are also easy to implement so that you can watch the perfect sunsets on repeat. Best of all, the pictures can be stored to the cloud when connected to Wi-Fi, so that you can stop worrying about losing pictures from the best vacation of your life.

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